A child's parents have the very important responsibility of teaching their children about saving money during their everyday lives. Teaching your children about money through everyday activities can help reiterate what they are learning through the Saving Makes "Cents" program and can help children to realize that saving money at a young age can lead to a financially stable future. Saving Makes "Cents" hopes that with the help of parents, children will further understand the concept of saving and practice it in their everyday lives.

How can you help your children learn that money doesn't grow on trees?

Please use the resources that you find on this site to help guide your child's financial learning. There are important lessons that can be taught to your child that will ensure that they are prepared for the obstacles that they will no doubt face in life. This site provides your child with an invaluable service, and you with a chance to further aid your child's growth.

Suggested Materials:

  • The Story of Money by Betsy Maestro
  • The Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids by Andrian Berg and Arthur Berg Bochner
  • Once Upon a Dime Comic Book - Federal Reserve Bank New York. Call (212) 720-6134 to order
  • Why Money was Invented by Neale S. Godfrey
  • How to Teach Children About Money by Peggy Houser
  • Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: A Parent's Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children by Neale S. Godfrey
  • The Kid's Guide to Money: Earning It, Saving It, Spending It, Growing It, Sharing It by Steve Otfinoski