Without teachers, the Saving Makes "Cents" program would be impossible! Teachers contribute to the Saving Makes "Cents" program in various ways. They help to organize guest speaker presentations, teach the material to the students, and get them excited about saving! Teachers also reinforce various topics covered during the Saving Makes "Cents" program during their everyday lessons. Teachers, a great way to measure a student's progress through the course of the Saving Makes "Cents" school year is to use the pre and post test.

Schedule an Event at the School to Increase
Awareness and Enthusiasm for Saving Makes "Cents"

A representative from the Treasurer's office and a guest presenter will lay the foundation for students to learn about the importance of money management. Through student participation and their own experiences, they will stress the reasons why it is important to save money for their future, ways to accomplish their saving goals, the benefits and dangers of credit cards, and the qualities students need to achieve their own personal goals in life.