Saving Makes "Cents" is a banking program for elementary school children, which focuses on the ABC's of money management. Local schools and banks work together to teach children basic monetary concepts, including how to open a savings account, the origin of money and basic budgeting skills. Saving Makes "Cents", partnering with over 170 financial institutions, is now in over 400 schools across the Commonwealth.

The State Treasurer's office provides an educational curriculum, which is taught by classroom teachers and bank representatives. In addition, a bank representative works with the teacher to establish opportunities for students to open savings accounts and make deposits right at their school. Saving Makes "Cents" is an educational and fun program adaptable for children in grades 3 through 6. Become a part of tomorrow's future today!

Joining Saving Makes "Cents" is as easy as...


  1. Call the State Treasurer's office at (617) 367-6900 for an introduction kit.
  2. Select a school/bank partner that is interested in helping you plan your Saving Makes "Cents" program. An easy to follow outline is provided by the State Treasurer's office for your convenience.
  3. Obtain appropriate approval. Public schools need to obtain school committee approval. Parochial schools need to obtain approval from their superintendent. Private and independent schools need to obtain approval from their dean or headmaster.