Presently, state law requires retirement boards to classify an employee's position within one of the four Group Classifications provided within Massachusetts General Law c.32, §3(2)(g). Group classification can become important for a public employee seeking to retire, as an employee's classification may impact the formula used for calculation of a retirement allowance.

The State Board of Retirement ("Board") undertakes a two step process to classify a member's position. First, when a member of the retirement system seeks to have his/her position classified in conjunction with their retirement, the Board will issue a Group Classification Questionnaire  pdf format of Group Classification Questionnaire
to the member and employer for completion. The Questionnaire will indicate the member's current job title reflected in the Board's records.

The Classification Questionnaire is intended to provide a member with an opportunity to present information that he/she believes supports a classification request, and which will assist the Board to make an informed decision. If the Board does not receive the information it will not be able to act upon a request.

After receipt of the Questionnaire information, the Board undertakes the second step in the classification process by reviewing each request pursuant to its Group Classification Policy. Once The Board completes its review it will notify the member as to its decision.

We ask you to review both the Board's Group Classification Questionnaire  pdf format of Group Classification Questionnaire
and Classification Policy. If you have any questions, please contact the Board offices at the telephone numbers listed. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.