Chapter 32, §3(4)

Any member who is employed in a teaching position or as a principal, supervisor or president in a school or college is eligible to buy back service rendered in another state for time that they were a teacher, principal, supervisor or superintendent in any public day school or college.

Documentation must be provided showing the following information:

  • The individual was in a teaching position at the out of state school or college and,
  • the individual is not eligible to receive retirement benefits for this out of state teaching time
  • The exact dates of the employment and documentation of the annual salary, which had to have been paid with regular compensation
  • The individual is currently a teacher as defined in Chapter 32, §3(4)

The number of years of out of state teaching time a member is entitled to buy back can not exceed the number of years of teaching service in Massachusetts with a maximum of 10 years.

The cost to purchase this time is an amount equal to that which would have been withheld as regular deductions from his or her regular compensation for that period plus interest.

Also included in this law are those individuals who were employed in an overseas dependent school conducted under the supervision of the Department of Defense of the United States' government and in the public schools of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The maximum credit allowable for this time is five years of the maximum credit of ten years for out of state teaching service.