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You are receiving this email because you are listed as a member agency (Collaboratives) with the MSRB. Our goal is to keep you informed and as up to date as possible as we undergo changes to our operations and systems. Look forward to receiving emails periodically from us. Feel free to send us feedback and comments. We are working on improvements that will benefit ALL of us, so your input is essential.

Introducing MARIS and Simplified Payroll Reporting

The Massachusetts Retirement Information System (MARIS) is now in development.

The Massachusetts State Retirement Board is excited to inform you of the MARIS modernization project. MARIS, a new Internet-based pension system, designed to provide employers with diverse benefits, will replace the current 38 year-old legacy retirement system. This project will dramatically improve services to active MSRB members, retirees, survivors, and those receiving disability benefits.

In February of 2010, MSRB partnered with Sagitec, a software vendor with extensive pension systems expertise , to design, develop, and implements the MARIS application. MARIS will make employers the "Source of Truth" with member-related information that includes service, salary, and demographic data. Key practice areas that will be addressed are member enrollment, employer payroll submission, and employer maintenance functionality.

While the go-live date is not until June of 2012, MSRB is committed to keeping you informed on our progress. MSRB will work with you on an on-going basis to prepare you for meeting business process requirements that primarily relate to the Payroll Submission process.

Employer Functionality

As an Internet browser-based solution, the MARIS application will provide an Employer Self Service portal (ESS) that will support the employers.

Features include functionality to enable efficient processing of payroll data, messaging capabilities between employers and MSRB, and the ability to maintain employer demographics. Through this ESS portal, employers will be able to either upload contribution files or manually enter employee contribution and service information.

We will host informational meetings for payroll and human resources staff on September 28th in western Massachusetts and on September 29th in Boston. We look forward to working with you on the MARIS initiative.

Next Steps for MARIS:

  • Work sessions preparing you for the REQUIRED Payroll Submission Certification Process.
  • September 2010 Workshops
  • July 2011 Testing
  • September 2011 Certification Process
  • Official Launch of MARIS,
    June 2012

Next Issue:

Our next update will be delivered in September and will include detailed information on MARIS functionality specific to employers. If you are currently using an external vendor to prepare your payroll and contribution reports, we recommend they are kept informed to ensure you meet our business process requirements as we transition to MARIS.

Did You Know?

Using outdated forms delays the processing of member applications. Changes in legislation require us to constantly update our forms. Please check our website for the most current MSRB forms.

Most forms can be filled out and printed right from our website.