Thank you for being part of the launch of MARIS Employer Self-Service, a software system that will improve the
way your payroll data is received, saved, and submitted to MSRB.

We are excited to inform you that registration for the upcoming training is here! The long awaited MARIS training
is now upon us.

One of the first steps as we move towards the future is to help you, an MSRB employer, select how you will report
payroll data to us. Of course, this is a decision only you can make. But to aid you in your selection, we have
provided this document which will answer the following question:

What types of reporting options are available?

At MSRB, we understand each employer organization is different. We designed the MARIS Employer Self-Service
System with that in mind. You will find the new system more flexible and intuitive than our current reporting
processes. The MARIS Employer Self-Service System allows you to report in two different ways. Please select the
method that best suits your organization.

Reporting Type

Manual Entry

Manual entry refers to employers entering data directly into MARIS ESS via the
internet. Data entered into MARIS Employer Self-Service include enrollments, leaves
of absence, terminations, etc.

Typically, employers that select manual entry as their reporting option do not have the
IT resources to create a file from an internal payroll system or do not contract with a
third-party vendor for creating and maintaining a file. We would only recommend this
method if your agency has 50 or fewer members.

File Upload

File upload refers to employers that will upload a file into the system rather than
manually enter data. After a file has been uploaded, the system will validate
information contained in the file to ensure it is error-free. It is your responsibility to
correct errors on the report.

Employers that select file upload have an IT staff or vendor that maintains the payroll

For additional assistance with choosing a reporting method for your agency, contact Sally Rizzo by email at, or by phone at 617-367-9333 ext 357.

OK, I know how I’d like to report. So now what?

Now that you've reached a decision, you are able to register for training. Click the link below to register for your
training session (each person attending will need to register individually).

Please note the reporting method for each training session and choose accordingly.

Please register no later than June 1st. Note that space is limited at each training location; registering early will
help secure your preferred choice. In June we will send an e-mail with details (specific directions, parking, etc.) for
your training session. If you have any questions about training or registering, please contact:

Angela Olszewski by e-mail at or by phone at 617-367-9333 ext 369

or Robert Soohoo at or by phone at 617-367-9333 ext 473