The State Retirement Board has over 60 external employers with members in the State Employees' Retirement System. Some employers use a payroll vendor to submit contributions. Others submit their contribution reports through a variety of formats including spread sheets, disks or paper reports. We needed a way to standardize reporting.

Standardized Files for All Agencies

With MARIS all payroll submissions will have one file format in order to improve the overall information we collect about our members. More comprehensive information will help us improve the services we provide to our members and ensure that each member receives all of the benefits they are entitled to.

Options for File Submission

Although reporting will be standardized in MARIS you will still have options for submitting your reports. If you use a payroll vendor, they will need to provide a file for you to upload through our secure web portal. You can also enter your payroll information directly on the web portal, or create a file yourself to upload through the portal. We recommend you review the file format now to make sure you are collecting all of the required fields.

Contributions Submitted With Reports

Retirement contributions will be submitted to the Board each time you pay your employees. Individual checks will no longer be accepted We are encouraging the use of ACH.


This summer we will provide extensive training on MARIS. You will have the opportunity to be involved in user acceptance and parallel testing. When the testing period is concluded and you are able to submits a clean file with no errors, you will be certified and authorized to submit your payroll files in the new format when MARIS goes live in 2012. The training schedule will be flexible to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get certified.

Updated Agency File Format doc format of SS-06-19_Agency_File_Format_20110305.doc