The agency file format doc format of SS-06-19_Agency_File_Format_20110305.doc
for the proposed MARIS system was updated this month. Please review this updated file. If you are using a payroll vendor please provide them with a copy of the file so you may begin to work with them on these changes. Each employer will be required to submit a test file to the MSRB in June 2011. Employers who fail to submit a test file by the June deadline will not be able to participate in the user acceptance testing. User acceptance testing is scheduled for June and July 2011.

Keep in mind that adapting your files to this new format will take time and requires internal testing. ADP, Harpers, and Accufund have been in contact with the MSRB and are aware of the upcoming changes to the file format. Whether you use one of these vendors or another one, contact them today to review the time frame for your internal testing.

If your agency submits its payroll directly to the Board, you should be reviewing the new file format so that you will be prepared for the transition to MARIS. This new file submission format will be required for all agencies reporting to the State Employees' Retirement System. Spread sheets, floppy disks, CD's or other formats will not be accepted when MARIS goes live.

Start preparing now to ensure that your agency will be ready to submit a test file to the MSRB in June. If your agency does not submit a test file by June 2011 you will not be able to participate in the user acceptance testing - a vital part of the process.

Please contact Sally Rizzo at 617-367-7770, ext. 357 with any questions.

Updated Agency File Format doc format of SS-06-19_Agency_File_Format_20110305.doc

Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of MARIS_CR_Employer_Questions_Responses.pdf