Technology is moving extremely fast. New technologies are appearing every day. Floppy disks are obsolete and soon CDs will be. Retirement Systems throughout the US are utilizing technology in new and different ways. Innovations to reduce paper, utilize web technology, and social media are occurring in every corner of our country. As state budgets tighten new efficiencies utilizing technology are emerging. Massachusetts is no different in our need to streamline our business processes, provide access to information for our membership, and utilize technology to improve member services. more

The State Retirement Board continues to move forward with the development of the MARIS solution. Each employer that submits contribution reports should be reviewing the new file format and making sure you are collecting the new data elements MSRB is requesting. Each employer will be required to upload a file to a secure web site. When MARIS is live MSRB will no longer accept disks, CDs, or paper reports. Electronic (ACH) payments will also be required. Starting in June of 2011 MSRB will be selecting a small group of employers to participate in user acceptance testing (UAT) to test out the uploading of contribution files. Over the summer and fall, MSRB will provide training to each employer and have an extended period to certify that your agency has successfully submitted a file through our new system. Every employer will need to be trained and certified so that we can set up the secure web site protocols for each agency.

This new MARIS system will offer many new features to your agency and members of the State Retirement System. Member self service will be available and through employer self service you will have access to much more information about your employees. MSRB is committed to providing each of you with training and support to assist your agency address these new requirements

Please share this information with your supervisor, director, IT staff and anyone else involved in employer reporting so that you have the technical and staff support you will need to be certified. If you or anyone at your agency have questions, feel free to contact Sally Rizzo at the State Board at 617-367-7770, ext 357.

The MARIS team looks forward to working with you.