We hope you are all enjoying this blustery winter season we are having and keeping warm.  As you know the State Retirement Board is in the process of upgrading our information system with a new MARIS application that will go live in 2014.  The new application will require all employers to submit their contribution reporting file in a new format.   MSRB shared this new format with many of you two years ago and based on your feedback we have revised several of the data requirements and the instructions. This newsletter is to alert you that we will be releasing the new file requirements at the end of this month. This information will be sent in detail in the next newsletter.

  • The new MARIS Contribution Reporting and instructions for uploading the file
  • GoToMeetings dates and times

MSRB will be hosting GoToMeetings in March to review the MARIS file format and answer questions.

If you currently use a payroll vendor please share this information with them and encourage them to join you in one of the informational meetings. The dates and times will be included in the next newsletter.

As a reminder, MSRB will require employers to submit contribution payments through ACH to Mellon Bank.  Instructions on the submission process will be sent out as soon as we finalize the process with Mellon. Employers should notify their financial institutions of this requirement.

Please contact us with any questions you have.  We look forward to working with you.

Contact information:

Sally Rizzo


(617) 367-9333 ext. 357


Angela Olszewski


(617) 367-9333 ext. 369


Robert Soohoo


(617) 367-9333 ext. 473