We have recently made some changes to our development schedule to allow more time for testing and training. As a result, the official launch date for MARIS will be January 2013. Please note the changes to the schedule below as well as a reminder of some of the features our new system will offer.

What's Next?

The MARIS development schedule has been adjusted. Please mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • December, 2011 - January 2012
    MARIS Employer Testing
  • June - September 2012
    MARIS Employer Training & Certification
  • January 2013
    Official Launch of MARIS

MARIS Employer Testing is a critical phase of development that involves a select group of employers testing the MARIS system, new process and formats, and dry run training and processing.

MARIS Training & Certification provides all employers with extensive training on MARIS. Employers are responsible for submitting payroll files in a new format with no errors. Once successful, certification is complete.

The Official Launch of MARIS is when our new system goes live for all employers. All files submitted from this point on will be in the new format.

More about MARIS

The Massachusetts Retirement Information System (MARIS) is a web-based system that offers Employer Self-Service (ESS). MARIS ESS provides employer agencies with:

  • Streamlined Employer Reporting Processes
  • Standardized files for all agencies
  • Options for File Submission
  • Contributions submitted with reports
  • Efficient processing of payroll data
  • Message capabilities between employers and MSRB
  • Access to and maintenance of Employee data

These features allow us to reduce the use of paper, utilize web technology, and streamline our business processes all while giving you access to employee information to improve member services.

We look forward to working with you on the MARIS initiative. If you have any questions about the MARIS project, please contact Sally Rizzo by email at srizzo@tre.state.ma.us, or by phone at 617-367-7770, ext 357.

Still Using Floppy Disks to Submit Your Data?

If your agency submits reporting data to the MSRB on floppy disk please begin planning alternative methods of file submission.

After August 31, 2011 files submitted on floppy disk will no longer be accepted.

Acceptable file submission formats include:

  • CD or,
  • Password-protected file sent via email.

If you have questions, please contact our Administration Department at ext. 8.

Did You Know?

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