The Minue Project is on schedule to complete development and testing in the fall. Over the past 2 years we have been working with you, individually and in small groups, to ensure that each employer has the training and guidance to meet the new file requirements. The employer reporting team has also been working closely with payroll vendors so that they can do the necessary programming for their clients. MSRB has provided an extensive testing period for submitting files, but that test period will close shortly. When MARIS goes live in March 2014, MSRB will not be able to accept contributions in the current format. Therefore, it is imperative that you work with your payroll vendor and/or your internal staff to meet the new contribution reporting requirements.

In MARIS, employers will be submitting contribution details each time a payroll is run so that the MARIS will have up-to-date contributions posted to the member accounts and service credit. This information will assist in reducing the time for processing retirements and disbursements.

We are expecting to approve the MARIS file submission for all employers by October 15th. Note, if you do not have an approved file submitted by the deadline your organization will be at risk of not being able to submit employee contributions when MARIS goes live in March 2014 due to old and new format incompatibility issues.

MSRB continues to be available for support and guidance. Time is passing quickly and given how busy many of you are in the fall, this new file format approval needs to be a priority. The employer reporting team will be contacting you for an update on your progress. Feel free to contact MSRB if you need assistance.

Thank you,

Sally Rizzo
Project Manager
State Retirement Board
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617-367-9333 ext 357
cell: 617-549-7161