I am a retiree and a survivor of a retiree collecting two checks from the SRB. Do I need to fill out two forms?
NO. If you happen to receive two forms in the mail from the State Board of Retirement, please return only one form.

If a retiree is collecting a second pension from another Board , for example a retiree with the State Board of Retirement is also a survivor of a retiree with the Boston Retirement Board, they must complete one BVF for each Board. The two BVF's received will not look the same and the return address will be for the corresponding Board.

What address should I send the form to:

State Board of Retirement, P.O. Box 189, Boston, MA 02133

Why do I have to do this?

State regulations (PERAC Regulations 840 CMR 15.01) require the benefit verification no less frequently than once every two years for each member or beneficiary who receives a pension, retirement allowance, or survivor's allowance.

Who is going to pay the notary fee and where can I find a notary?

Unfortunately the statute does not allow the SRB to pick up the expense. Most banks will notarize documents for their customers free of charge. You can also try contacting your local council on aging or city/town hall. Our Boston office also has notaries on hand that can assist you. Unfortunately, notary service is not available in our Springfield office at this time.

Tips for finding a notary in Massachusetts

Did you receive my form?

We do not send out confirmations once we receive your Benefit Verification Form. If you would like to make sure we received your form, call our BVF Line at 617-367-7770,  or toll-free, 800-392-6014. Please leave your name, member ID, and the best time to reach you and we will respond within 48 hours.

I lost mine, how can I get a duplicate?

You can request a duplicate BVF by calling 617-367-7770. One of our counselors will be able to send you a duplicate right away.

Will I get a receipt from the State Board once BVF is received?
The MSRB does not send confirmation receipts.

Can a family member notarize the form?

If a Power of Attorney (POA) or guardian is completing the form does it still need to be notarized?

I am disabled and can't leave my home, how can I get it notarized?
In lieu of a notarized BVF the Board will accept a letter from a licensed physician attesting to the fact the member is alive but incapable of completing the form. The letter should be attached to the BVF. Please see page 2, Section 4 of your form.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Benefit Verification Forms, please call our office at 617-367-7770.
Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.