Working for State or Local Government

There are limitations that apply to superannuation retirees who work after retirement in positions in local as well as state government.

Limitations include:

  • employment may not exceed 960 hours per calendar year; and/or
  • total earnings per calendar year cannot exceed the difference between the retirement allowance and the current salary of the position from which you retired.

As a retiree, you must cease employment whenever either one of the above two conditions are met. If you are at your allowable limit and wish to continue working, then you must waive your retirement allowance.

Separate earnings limitations apply to members who receive Accidental Disability Benefits.

Private Sector Employment

There are no earnings limitations for superannuation retirees who work in the private sector.

However, Chapter 21 of the Acts of 2009 has additional limitations to private sector employment. If you are directly employed, are an independent contractor, or a consultant for a private sector employer, and your duties consist of providing direct service to the Commonwealth, you are subject to the limitations listed above. Refer to Chapter 21, Section 21 of the Acts of 2009.