Don't let this happen to you! If you leave state service either by way of retirement or another job, make sure that you provide us with accurate and complete information for yourself and any beneficiaries you may have. That makes it easier to find you or your beneficiaries when necessary.

We are currently trying to locate people to return their money to them. The circumstances vary from members who left state service and didn't realize they could take their retirement contributions with them to family members who had no idea their loved one had listed them as beneficiaries.

Since 2006 we have returned over $2 million to members and their beneficiaries that had gone unclaimed. If you think someone you know may have some funds left in the system, please let them know to contact us.

The members on the following lists have passed away and we have been unable to locate a beneficiary:

If you are currently working and would like to update your beneficiary, or retired under Option A or B, you can update your beneficiary information with the following form: