Membership and tenure in the five member State Board of Retirement is determined by Mass. General Laws Ch. 10 s.18. The Treasurer shall be a member ex-officio and shall serve as Chairman, one member is appointed by the Treasurer, two members are elected by current and active members of the State Employees' Retirement System, and one member is chosen by the other members of the Board.

Unless otherwise noted, board meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month.

picture of Board member Pat Deal   picture of Board member Ralph White   picture of bord member Theresa McGoldrick   picture of Board member Chris Condon





From left to right, Treasurer Grossman, Patricia Deal, Ralph White,
Theresa McGoldrick, Chris Condon

Chairman Ex-Officio, Treasurer & Receiver General Steven Grossman
Treasurer Grossman is currently serving his first term. He first took office January 2011.

Appointed Member Patricia Deal
Ms. Deal is the retired Treasurer of the Massachusetts Water Pollution Abatement Trust. She was first appointed in 2010. Ms. Deal's reappointment to the board was February 2013. 

Elected Member Ralph White
Mr. White founded the Retired State, County, and Municipal Employees' Association in 1968 and has served as President since inception. Mr. White has served on the State Board of Retirement since 1996 and was reelected to the Board November 2013. 

Elected Member Theresa McGoldrick, Esq.
Ms. McGoldrick is an attorney for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division. She currently serves as President of SEIU/NAGE Unit 6, representing over 3,500 members statewide. Ms. McGoldrick was first elected to the Board in 2004.

Chosen Member Christopher Condon
The Chosen Member is a member who shall not be an employee, a retiree, or official of the Commonwealth and shall be chosen by the other four for a term of three years. Mr. Condon is Legislative Director for SEIU Local 509. Mr. Condon began his Board service in 2003.