Many National Guard members and reservists make the mistake of sending in the lengthy active duty application. Knowing what category you fall into is key to streamlining the process.  The discharged application requires only three pages, DD214 (Member 4), certificate of residency, and the application (signed).

*If you are in the National Guard or the reserves, in a drill status and have a DD214 (Member 4) for the period of service you are claiming a bonus, submit the discharged application.

Discharged is defined by the Veterans’ Bonus Division as follows.  If you have a form DD214 for the period of service you are applying for, or you are "currently"  a member of a reserve or national guard unit and you are in a drill status and you have been issued a form DD214 for the period of service for which you are applying, you are discharged.

Application for Discharged Status Applicants pdf format of Discharged Status Application

Active Duty members of the armed services will submit the active duty application, these applicants will not have a DD214 (Member 4) and are not in a reserve status.

Application for Active Status Applicants pdf format of Active Status Application