What you need to show

This section was developed by the Veterans’ Bonus Division to help applicants understand what constitutes proof of service.
The form DD214 (Member 4 copy only) is the most typical form of evidence for discharged applicants. The applicant needs to prove “when” and “where” they served. “I served here, from this date to that date.” Typically this can be found in block 18, remarks of the DD214 (Member 4). If not stated in this section further documentation will be needed.

Acceptable proof of service.

The forms listed below will fulfill the proof of service requirement.

BIR  (US Marines) Basic Individual Record.

ERB (US Army) Enlisted Record Brief

ORB (US Army) Officer Record Brief


Personnel Evaluations

NAVPERS 1070/605

History of Assignments

NAVMC 118(9)

Chronological Record

Awards  (showing dates and location)