This section was developed by the Veterans’ Bonus Division to help applicants under-stand what constitutes proof of service.  Proof of Service documentation is required to be able to verify dates of service and location along with dates at the location for any bonuses that you are applying for.

Proof of Service: Discharged

The form DD214 (Member 4 copy only) is the document that discharged members submit with their application to show proof of service. If the DD214 does not show the location and dates where the member was deployed or stationed then additional docu-mentation is required in addition to the DD214. The additional documentation should show where and when the member was located for the bonuses that they are applying for. The below items for active duty are accepted as additional documentation to show locations and dates.

Proof of Service: Active Duty

The below items are accepted as proof of service.  The documents provided must also show the location and dates at the location for the bonuses you are applying for.

  • BIR (US Marines) Basic Individual Record
  • ERB (US Army) Enlisted Record Brief
  • ORB (US Army) Officer Record Brief
  • SURF (Air Force)
  • Personnel Evaluations
  • NAVPERS 1070/605
  • History of Assignments
  • NAVMC 118(9)
  • Chronological Record
  • Decorations/Awards showing dates and location

Finding Your Records

Head over to the websites below for requesting your service records.

Locate Air Force Records

Locate Marine Corps Records

Locate Army Records

Locate Navy Records

Locate Coast Guard Records

Locate MA State Military Records