World War II Bonus under Chapter 731, Acts of 1945

The Veterans’ Bonus is a division of the Community and Veterans’ Services Department in Treasurer Goldberg’s Administration. We are proud to provide bonus payments for World War II veterans who did not receive their bonus upon discharge or release from the armed forces.

The majority of World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans have already received their payments, so please call (617) 367-9333 ext 859 before submitting an application.

Please make sure you meet the requirements of eligibility before completing the application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Massachusetts residency-
    • Veteran must have 6 months domicile in Massachusetts immediately prior to entry into the armed forces.
  2. Dates of eligibility-
    • Service between September 16, 1940 – June 25, 1947
  3. Payment information-
    • 1 day to 6 months active service: $100
    • 6+ continuous months of active service: $200
    • Foreign Service and Merchant Marines: $300



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Please be certain to review this checklist to ensure you have included all necessary paperwork.

□  Completed application

□  Certificate of Residency signed and sealed by the appropriate official in the city or town you lived in prior to entering the armed forces. (If you were a minor at the time of entry, please have a parent’s residency certified.)

□  Enclose a copy of all your DD214 service discharge papers. You must have had an Honorable discharge.

□  Mail in completed application to:  

Office of the State Treasurer

Veterans’ Bonus Division

One Ashburton Place, Room 1207

Boston, MA 02108