The Veterans' Service Officer (VSO) works out of City or Town Hall and is knowledgeable about an array of federal, state, and local benefits to which veterans and dependents may be entitled. His or her job is to help veterans in the community learn about, apply for, and in some cases, receive benefits. Every VSO is a veteran.

Chapter 115 Public Assistance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers a need-based program of financial and medical assistance for veterans and their dependents known as M.G.L. Chapter 115 (Chapter 115). Qualifying veterans and their dependents receive necessary financial assistance for food, shelter, clothing, fuel, and medical care in accordance with a formula which takes into account the number of dependents and income from all sources. Eligible dependents of deceased veterans are provided with the same benefits as if the veteran were still living.

Every city and town has a VSO who administers this program for those with a discharge under honorable conditions. 

NOTE: The VSO in every community must take an application when requested and provide a written determination of a person's eligibility. 

Other Benefits Programs

The VSO helps veterans and dependents apply for a range of other programs including VA, Social Security, and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , the new name for food stamps) benefits.


To contact your local VSO, call City/Town Hall and ask to speak to Veterans' Services

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