There are numerous federal and state programs available to you if you are seeking employment.

Are there short-term training grants for veterans?

Yes. The Department of Veterans' Services has been awarded three DOL/VETS grants to provide training, job placement, housing assistance, other supportive services, and information resources to eligible veterans. Two grants serve homeless veterans on the South Shore and another grant specializes in green training and employment-finding assistance for veterans residing in the Boston-metro/I-495 region. Other grants have been awarded to non-profits across the state.

  • For more information, visit or call (978) 372-3626.

Where do I go if I need more information on education, training, or job searches?

If you don't know what type of work you would be suited to, or if you need job-finding assistance, here are some helpful resources:

  • There are 33 One-Stop Career Centers located across the state in every major city, with branch offices in additional communities. These centers, under the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development, have Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVERs), and Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program representatives (DVOPs), who are veterans themselves. These representatives can guide you to a new career with testing and counseling. They can help you get retrained or go back to school, and help you find a job. To find the Career Center nearest you, visit
  • You can go through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) even if you have already left the military. TAP briefings are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and held in four locations in or near Massachusetts.
    • Army TAP, Fort Devens (732) 532-6190
    • Navy/Marines TAP, Newport RI (401) 841-6920
    • Coast Guard TAP, Boston (617) 223-3479
    • Air Force TAP, Hanscom AFB (781) 377-4222

What if I have a physical or mental condition limiting my ability to work?

If you need help creating a reasonable employment plan based upon your abilities, you should look into the VA's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program (VR&E). On the state level, you should contact the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Both agencies provide free testing, training, counseling, and in certain cases, education. If you were employed before your deployment, and are now convalescing or disabled from an injury that happened in the line of duty, you have up to two years to claim your pre-service position. You have certain rights under USERRA, about which you should talk to DOL/VETS as soon as possible.

  • For more information about VR&E visit
  • For information about Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission visit or call (617) 204-3600.
  • To contact DOL/VETS, call (617) 626-6699.

What other supportive services are available?

There are numerous Outreach Centers located around the state that can help you with a host of services, including upgrading your discharge, obtaining your military records, counseling, food pantries, clothing closets, community activities, anger management training, and referrals to obtain other state and federal benefits.

(Welcome Home, 3rd edition, April 2010.)

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