National Veteran Data

Projection of veteran population to 2036

VetPop2007 provides a projection of the veteran population at the state level to 2036 by age, sex and period of service, and includes such important variables as VA disability status, degree of disability, and officer/enlisted status, at the national level. This is the VA's latest official estimate, as of September 30, 2006. It revises and replaces the estimate and projection in VetPop2004.

VA veteran data and information office

The VA Veteran Data and Information website is designed to provide you with veteran information in support of our policy and planning issues. Included are social and economic information about veterans, demographical and geographical veteran information, statistical information by veteran program areas and veteran survey information as well as references to other veteran information sites.

Data on Women Veterans

For specific data on Massachusetts' women veterans, see the Women Veterans Data page of this website.

VA Expenditure Data by Geographic Area

The GDX (Geographic Distribution of VA Expenditures) is an annual report that shows estimated VA expenditures for major programmatic areas by geographic area (state, county, and congressional district). The major programmatic areas are: Compensation and Pension; Readjustment (Education) and Vocational Rehabilitation; Insurance; Construction; and, Medical and Administrative. The GDX also shows the estimated veteran population for each state, county, and congressional district.