During the 2013 tax season, the Massachusetts Joint Support Family Assistance Program will be offering ALL service members and their families of ALL components in the military FREE tax preparation at various locations around Massachusetts. These sites will provide tax preparation and asset building opportunities.


Wellesley, Cape Cod, Milford, Reading, Chicopee, Reading, Worcester, Devens, Brockton

Sites will be open Mon-Sat and hours will vary by location.


The tax sites will open starting on January 31st and run until the last day of the tax season, April 16th.

Appointments can be made starting January 31st


ALL Active, Guard, Reserve & service members from ALL military branches living in or in a unit in Massachusetts. ALL post 9/11 veterans living in Massachusetts. 

What Are the Benefits of Using this Service?

SAVING $$$ (The average tax return costs $200). Don’t pay $ for something that you can get it done for free. Our volunteers are certified and some are tax professionals. 

What Asset Building Opportunities Will I Be Made Aware of at the Sites?

After you determine what your refund will be, you will be given opportunities to put that refund to use by being made aware of information on: paying off debt; contributing to the Thrift Savings Program, 529 Plans, IRAs, 401(k)s and other savings vehicles; using part of the refund to purchase Savings Bonds; joining the Military Saves campaign; and working with a financial counselor in addition to other great asset building opportunities.

What Should I Bring with Me to the Site?

Proof of identification. Social Security Cards for you, your spouse and dependents. Completed Intake Sheet. Wage and earnings statements fromW-2,W-2G and 1099-Rs. Interest and dividend statements from Form 1099. A copy of last year’s federal and state return (if available). Form 1098 from your mortgage. Bank routing #’s and account numbers for Direct Deposit. Total paid for daycare provider and provider’s tax identification # (if applicable). Any other tax forms that you receive in the mail.

To Make an Appointment

EMAIL: SGT Daisy Marroquin 

For More Information on the Program

Email SGT Marroquin at the above address.