The Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA) (and previously the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940) protects those persons who serve on active duty for the nation's defense, from adverse consequences to their legal rights that may result because of such service. The SCRA provides certain protection for dependents of the servicemember on active duty. The SCRA provides protection for members in civil court and administrative actions. It also provides protections for issues involving taxation, house/apartment leases, car leases, interest rates and insurance.

The complete text of the federal statute outlines your protections.

The U.S. Air Force Legal Assistance website has sample letter templates that servicemembers can use upon receiving their orders to cancel a motor vehicle lease, request an interest rate adjustment, terminate a lease, request a 6% cap on interest rate, stay of proceedings, and real property termination form.

The Welcome Home Guide provides information about applying SCRA protections through questions and answers.