The Needs Based Grant Program for Massachusetts National Guard and Reservists is administered by the Military Friends Foundation to assist families who are suffering a financial hardship due to military deployment. The Military Friends Foundation receives donations through state income tax forms to the Mass. Military Family Relief Fund. Taxpayers can select any amount to donate and donations are tax deductible.


Eligibility for the Needs-Based Grant Program is based on a 15% decrease or greater between the servicemember's civilian earnings (including monthly drill pay) and military pay (including BAH). Massachusetts National Guard members or Massachusetts residents serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve components, who have been activated under Title 10 or 32 for at least 45 consecutive days, may be eligible to apply for need-based grants (up to $1000 per year).

How to apply

Applications are available at the Military Friends Foundation website. The applicant will be asked to supply both military and civilian pay stubs, and may be asked to supply copies of bills.

Contact information

Military Friends Foundation
Meeting House Offices
121 Mt. Vernon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 733-7994