When using the toll free fax number, do not send a paper copy of the application through the mail. To ensure your application is processed quickly and the marker is delivered without errors, please follow all of the steps outlined below when using the toll free fax number (1-800-455-7143).

(This toll free fax service is only available for headstone or markers being placed in private cemeteries. All state veterans, military, and post cemeteries must submit their applications by regular mail.)

Obtain a copy of the veteran's DD Form 214 or other military discharge documents to support the application. Using the information on the separation documents, fill out VA Form 40-1330 Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker as completely as possible. Be sure to include telephone numbers and signatures. If you are not sure you are using the most current version of the form, visit the National Cemetery Administration website at www.cem.va.gov

Check the application carefully, be sure it is accurately filled out and properly signed. Make sure all the accompanying documents (preferably a DD Form 214) that show active duty service, war service, valor awards, etc. These documents are needed to establish eligibility and support requests for special inscription items.

Place the documents in the following order:

  1. Application Form (VA Form 40-1330)
  2. Fax cover sheet with your name and phone number (use of a cover sheet is optional)
  3. All supporting documents

If you are making a second request, or if you are requesting a replacement for an incorrect or damaged marker, you must explain this in block 27 of the Application Form (VA Form 40-1330).

Be sure to let Memorial Programs Service know who is sending the fax. You can do this by activating the feature of your fax machine that causes the name of the sender to print across the top of all faxed documents. Regardless of where you are faxing from, be sure to let VA know who they should contact if the application does not transmit properly.

Verify your fax is set at standard resolution, not high resolution. A setting of fine resolution may cause the transmission to terminate due to the type of scanning equipment on the receiving end.

Then fax the application and supporting documents to the following toll free fax number: 1-800-455-7143.

NOTE: Send one application package (application plus supporting documents) at a time. For this totally electronic system to work as intended, you must disconnect the call and re-dial between each new application package. If you fax several applications without re-dialing between each one, it will delay the process while VA manually separates the document.

Source: Veterans Benefits News from the National Veterans Services of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., November 5, 2004. vfw@vfwdc.org