Funding was approved in the state’s FY2014 budget for the purpose of preserving war memorials in the Commonwealth which are significant to the history of our country, state, and municipalities.

Municipalities and non-profit organizations may apply for matching funds for the renovation, rehabilitation, preservation, or enhancement of objects including existing markers, memorials, monuments, and plaques significant to the commemoration of our veterans or military history. Proposals for construction of new markers for significant sites currently lacking markings will also be considered. Funds may be awarded for objects and sites in which they are located which suffer from exposure to the elements, deferred maintenance, or those threatened by destruction. Grants will also be awarded to sites which would benefit by improving public access or adding educational markers. Projects requiring planning including feasibility studies, historic research, or historic evaluations will also be considered. All projects should follow the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historical Properties.”