The Smith College School for Social Work offers a scholarship for Military Personnel.

Beginning in 2006, a full MSW scholarship has been awarded to one student annually. The scholarship guarantees full tuition for the 27-month program, as well as on campus room and board while the student is on campus during the summer months (approximately $50,000 in total).

The scholarship recipient will also be given preference in the assignment of the geographic location for their field placement (to be selected from the SSW listing of geographic options available).


1. Applicants must be either in active duty, a veteran or retired. Applicants may be affiliated with any branch of the military, including the Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves. (Please submit a copy of your ID card and DD214 with your application materials.)

2. Applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree.

3. Applicants must have a commitment to serving the mental health issues of military personnel and their dependents upon graduation.

4. To be considered for this award, applicants must submit all application materials no later than the Early Admission deadline date of January 5 along with a letter describing their interest in serving the mental health needs of military personal and their dependents.

5. Continuation of this award is contingent upon the recipient remaining in good academic standing both in their coursework and in field placement.

How to Apply

To be considered for this scholarship applicants should submit, with their admission application, a one page statement outlining their affiliation with the military and describing their professional goals upon graduation. Notification of the scholarship will be sent with an admission packet in early February. (Admission decisions are available on a rolling basis within about 6-8 weeks of application; applications from the military are welcome year round.)


For more information about this award, contact Irene Rodriguez Martin, Director of Graduate Enrollment, at (413) 585-7960 or by email at For information on the MSW program, visit the School's website at