The good news is that there are effective treatments that can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for survivors of MST. Veterans can receive treatment for physical or mental health conditions related to MST at both Vet Centers (located in the community) or at VA Medical Centers.

All VA treatment for physical and mental health conditions related to MST is free, regardless of service-connection status. You may be able to receive this free MST-related care even if you are not eligible for other VA services.

The Vet Centers maintain absolute confidentiality of clients' records and not even other departments within the VA can gain access.

These services are a part of an array of treatment options available within the VA system to veterans who have encountered MST.


Vet Centers

Boston Vet Center
Dorothy Smith, MST Therapist

Brockton Vet Center
Rachel Chimberg, LICSW, MST Therapist

Springfield Vet Center
Maria Cerniauskas-Upton, MST Therapist

VA Medical Centers

Every VA hospital has an MST Coordinator who serves as a point of contact for veterans and staff.

Bedford VAMC
Lorae D. Phelan, MST Coordinator

VA Boston Healthcare System
Sofia Reddy, MST Coordinator

Northampton VAMC
Dana Weaver, MST Coordinator