US military veterans and military service men and women who are disturbed by terrible things they have experienced are invited to participate in a research study of a yoga as a treatment that may help.

There is some evidence that yoga may be effective for treating your symptoms. This belief is based in part upon the known effect of yoga to generate a state of physical and psychological relaxation and on preliminary research on yoga which showed improvements in symptoms. This treatment is not widely available from health care practitioners treating your symptoms.

Your participation would begin with a telephone screen, during which time you'll be given more specific information about what is involved in the study.

Participation also includes interview sessions, questionnaire completion, 30-minute recordings of heart beat activity and collection of urine samples. Three months after the yoga classes you would complete questionnaires at home. There is up to $560 in payment for participation in this study and no drugs are used in the study.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary.

This communication with you is strictly confidential, and you will not be contacted directly by the researchers. If you are interested in participating in this study or would like more information, please contact the study coordinator:

Contact information

Attn: Kristen Reinhardt
Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital
(617) 800-9164