The nationally recognized Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital provides comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services to those who have sustained an acquired brain injury. The team, led by Program Medical Director Dr. Douglas Katz, provides progressive care in a concerted effort to optimize outcomes for TBI patients throughout the spectrum of injury severity. The Program utilizes several specialized assessments and protocols in the provision of care to those in the vegetative, minimally conscious, confusional and post confusional states, in addition to standard rehabilitation evaluations. Each tool then allows for more sensitive monitoring of progress within specific sub-segments of the TBI population. Encapsulating a number of specialized protocols, clinics, and services, the TBI program facilitates the functional skill development necessary for attainment of maximal functional independence.

Eligibility Criteria (briefly)

From An Acute Care Hospital

If a patient in an acute care hospital needs rehabilitation, the referral process is as follows:

  • A physician, case manager, or other clinician from the acute care hospital requests that the patient be evaluated by a Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital liaison.
  • A Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital liaison conducts a comprehensive screening to determine if the patient meets criteria for acute rehabilitation. The screening includes a chart review, discussion with healthcare personnel, and a meeting with the patient and/or family to address pertinent information, concerns, and questions.
  • A referral is sent to Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital's Admitting Office to verify insurance coverage and, if necessary, obtain prior authorization from the insurance company.
  • The next available (appropriate) bed is offered to the patient. Often, this process occurs within hours but may be extended if awaiting authorization from the insurance company.

Direct Admission Process

Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital's Direct Admission Process provides patients with rapid access to a rehabilitation program by allowing them to be referred directly to Braintree by their physician, from home, hospital emergency rooms, or community agencies.

To facilitate a direct admission:

  • Call the Admitting Office (781-348-2138), and inform them that this is a "direct admit" from physician's office, home, ER, or community agency.

Home Evaluation

Braintree also provides free in-home screenings for individuals who might benefit from rehabilitation. To facilitate a screening, the individual, a family member, or a healthcare professional, should call Braintree's Admitting Office (781-348-2138) to request a "home evaluation." A Braintree liaison will then visit the individual's home, complete the screening, and make appropriate recommendations.

Admission Registration

Within 24 hours after admission, a representative from Braintree Hospital's Admitting Office will meet with the patient and/or family to review admission data and obtain a copy of the patient's health insurance card(s).


Rehabilitation is covered in full or part by most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Braintree Hospital has contracts with major insurance companies and is willing to negotiate with other companies as needed. Braintree Rehab is a TRICARE provider.


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