The Department of Veterans' Services programs are governed by Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 115.

Section 1 Definitions

Section 2 Powers and duties of commissioner of veterans' services

Section 2A Enforcement of decisions relative to benefits

Section 3 Appointment of veterans' agents; powers and duties

Section 3A Use of photostatic copies of discharge papers of veterans

Section 4 Applications for veterans' benefits

Section 5 Payment of veterans' benefits by city or town; assignment of benefits; dishonorable discharge, etc.

Section 5A Lien upon real estate of certain recipients of veterans' benefits

Section 6 Reimbursement of cities and towns for veterans' benefits

Section 6A Veteran; definition (Annuities)

Section 6B Annuities for blind, paraplegic or disabled veterans

Section 6C Proof of service and disability (Annuities)

Section 7 Veterans' burial agent; appointment; powers and duties

Section 8 Payment and reimbursement of burial expenses; certificate

Section 9 Care of graves of veterans


Section 10 Creation; directors; districts; treasurer of district

Section 11 District boards; powers; apportionment of expenses; payment of costs and expenses by district members

Section 12 Advisory boards; duties; rules and regulations

Section 13 Duties of departments

Section 14 Control and direction of commissioner; separate and independent location

Section 15 Audit of accounts of districts