Mary Kelligrew Kassler, M.B.A. was appointed to the Commission in 2012 by the governor and is a member of its Legislative & Policy Committee. She is a graduate of Simmons College with majors in economics and government and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Boston University. Kassler has worked in finance and investment management, at the state Executive Office of Health & Human Services, as an advocate for mental health services, and as a senior manager at the state Department of Public Health.

For 25 years, together with other services, Kassler directed the statewide Women, Infant and Children’s Nutrition Program (WIC), acknowledged to be one of the most effective health and safety net programs in federal and state government. While at WIC, Kassler led the development and implementation of management information systems, infant formula rebate, local program performance contracting, quality assurance, and strategic planning – all allowing for more and improved services to greater numbers of Massachusetts families. Recognized with national awards, they have been models for improved WIC services in other states. She also served as legislative committee chair and president of the National WIC Association, where she worked with Congress and the US Department of Agriculture to ensure adequate funding and sound policy and practice for WIC and other maternal and child health services.