• Jen Maseda, Senior Vice President of United Way of Tri-County testifing in support of "An Act Establishing a MetroWest Commission on the Status of Women and Girls".
  • Overview

    The Commission recognizes the need for women to gain an equal share and to become equal participants in the areas of economics, health-care, civil rights, education and business development. The Commission also believes that proactive policies must be implemented to protect women and children from human trafficking and domestic abuse. The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women’s Legislative and Public Policy Committee endorses and tracks legislation to achieve these goals. The Commission also meets with legislators and submits written and verbal testimony in support of priority legislation at state legislative hearings.

    Commission Charges

    Under MA Chapter 3, Section 66 of the Massachusetts General Laws the MCSW is empowered to:

    • Study, review and report on the status of women in the Commonwealth
    • Advise executive and legislative bodies on the effect of proposed legislation on women
    • Inform leaders of business, education, health care, state and local governments and the communications media of issues pertaining to women
    • Provide referrals and serve as a resource of information on issues pertaining to women
    • Identify and recommend qualified women for positions at all levels of government
    • Promote and facilitate collaboration among local women's commissions and among women’s organizations in the state
    • Serve as a liaison between government and private interest groups concerned with issues affecting women