DUA Reimbursable Bills and the Benefit Charge Statements

DUA Reimbursable bills and Benefit Charge statements will resume the second week of August. All COVID-19 credits for benefit charges will appear on the July statement. For more information click here.

Updated: Jul. 2nd, 2020, 11:34 am

DUA’s Reimbursable Bills and the Benefit Charge Statements have been on hold since March due to COVID-19. The CARES ACT included specific guidance on how COVID-19 related charges should be handled. We are working diligently to make system enhancements to comply with this legislation. Due dates for Reimbursable Bills will be extended once the bills are sent to employers. Employers will have 120 days to pay their Reimbursable Bills from the date the bills are printed.  

All employers can view benefit charge information on their UI Online account. Once logged in go to ‘Benefit Charge Activities’, then select ‘Calendar Year Summary and Detail’, and click on the year and month you would like to view. Please note these figures are not final and are subject to change as we work to make the necessary system enhancements and await final guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor.