EI Telehealth

Update for families receiving Early Intervention (EI) services during COVID-19

Updated: Mar. 31st, 2020, 9:18 am

Dear Families receiving Early Intervention (EI) services,

The Department of Public Health and your Early Intervention program are working together to support families receiving Early Intervention (EI) services and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 (sometimes called Coronavirus).

Your family’s health, the health of EI staff, and the health of our communities is very important. To slow the spread of Coronavirus, EI programs may choose not to provide services in-person. 

DPH has approved the use of telehealth for Early Intervention services. Telehealth services will be temporarily available during this public health emergency. 

What you should know:

During this time, your Service Coordinator, or another person from your EI program, may ask if you would like visits by telehealth. A telehealth visit:

  • is a different way to provide services when an in-person/face-to-face visit can’t happen. A telehealth visit uses technology like your phone, tablet, or laptop to provide services.
  • is optional. If you decide you would like telehealth, you will need to give verbal consent. This consent will be documented in your child’s Early Intervention record.
  • may look or feel different. EI programs will use the technology they have available at this time. The EI program staff is happy to answer any questions about the technology they use, including questions about your family’s confidentiality. Share any concerns you have about your Internet security, phone data plan, and any limitations.
  • is a way for EI providers to support you in supporting your child and family to make progress toward achieving your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) outcomes.

Thank you for your patience as we work together during this challenging time. COVID-19 is changing the landscape of our world. Updates and resources about COVID-19 are available on the mass.gov website at mass.gov/covid19 or the CDC website at cdc.gov. This information is updated regularly. If you have questions, please contact your Early Intervention service coordinator or program director. You may also contact the Department of Public Health’s Community Support Line at 800-882-1435.

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