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This is a guide to understanding how, where, and when the Appeals Court Justices deliver their rulings.
Information regarding various matters heard by the Single Justice of the Appeals Court
Self-represented parties are held to the same standard, and bound by the same rules, as are attorneys when proceeding in the Appeals Court.
A guide for attorneys, self-represented parties, and court visitors that discusses how, where, and when the Appeals Court conducts its oral arguments. This page is not a substitute for a careful reading of Massachusetts Rule of Appellate Procedure 22.
Requests for relief should be submitted in the form of a motion pursuant to Rule 15 of the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure.
A guide to impoundment procedures including a general overview of governing authorities and some practical tips.
Information on Pro Hac Vice Procedures in the Massachusetts Appeals Court.
A guide outlining the duties of appointed counsel when a client's appeal includes issues that counsel believes to be frivolous.
A Guide to Filing a Massachusetts Rule of Appellate Procedure 6 Motion to Stay (or Injunction Pending Appeal)