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(a) Filing

Each appellant or cross-appellant, other than a self-represented person who is incarcerated, shall complete and file a docketing statement for each appeal or cross-appeal. The docketing statement is due within fourteen days after the Appeals Court issues the "Notice of Entry" of the appeal. 

(b) Content and form

The docketing statement shall contain such information as required on the form located on the Appeals Court's website. The filer shall comply with the instructions on the docketing statement form. 

(c) Multiple appellants or cross-appellants

Each separately represented appellant or cross-appellant shall file a separate docketing statement. Counsel representing multiple appellants or cross-appellants shall file one docketing statement on behalf of all appellants or cross-appellants represented by that counsel. Each appellant or cross-appellant who is not represented by counsel shall file one docketing statement. 

(d) Failure to file docketing statement

The court may take such action as necessary to ensure the filing of the docketing statement, including denying without prejudice any motion to enlarge time to file a brief or motion to stay appellate proceedings until the appellant has filed the docketing statement.

Downloads for Appeals Court standing order concerning docketing statements for all appeals (civil and criminal)