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Instructor Certification Process in MPTC Acadis Portal 

On December 10, 2018 the Instructor Certification process changed. The new Instructor Certification process will be done online via the MPTC Acadis Portal. This process eliminates the need for submitting paper applications.

Receive payment for instructional services 

Separate from the instructor certification process is the process by which the MPTC pays some instructors to provide training. This requires the instructor to enter into a contract with the Commonwealth to provide instructional services.

Register for TY20 In-Service Instructor Certification Train-the-Trainer  

The MPTC is in the process of scheduling this year's in-service train-the-trainer classes.

Register for CPR and First Responder Instructor Certification Training 

This course is a 5 day Instructor Certification program required for those interested in teaching CPR/AED/First Responder within your department or for all MPTC programs (Recruit, Reserve, In-Service & Specialized Training).

Register for CPR and First Responder Instructor Recertification 

Recertification training requirement to maintain certification as an MPTC CPR and First Responder Instructional Trainer.

Register for Defensive Tactics Instructor Re-certification 

This course is a mandatory 3 year re-certification for all MPTC Defensive Tactics Instructors. Attendees will receive updates and a review of the Defensive Tactics Curriculum.

Register for Firearms Instructor Certification to move from Level II to Level III 

Completing this course will upgrade current Certified Level II Firearms Instructors to Level III Firearms Instructor.

Register for LEACC for Firearms Instructors 

The Law Enforcement Advanced Casualty Care Certification (LEACC) is for firearms instructors to be certified in advanced life saving techniques that ultimately may save an officers life.

Register for Level I Basic Firearms Instructor School 

The Level I Basic Firearms Instructor 12 Day Course authorizes the instructor to recertify law enforcement personnel in his/her department or neighboring departments.

Register for Levels I and II Firearms Instructor Re-certification 

Levels I and II Firearms Instructors are required to attend Re-certification training yearly.

Register for Level III Firearms Instructor Re-certification 

Level III Firearms Instructors are required to attend a re-certification training every year prior to December 31st of each year.

Register for Speed Measurement Instructor Updates 

This course will update current instructors with new NHTSA Core, Radar and Lidar curriculum for delivery at recruit and specialized trainings.

Register for MILO-Force Control Simulator Instructor Certification Training 

This Course is to train and certify officers on the operations and use of the Range 3000/MILO simulation training system, enabling them to independently use it to provide training to police officers.

Register for the Prerequisite Instructor Development Program 

This program is a prerequisite to becoming an instructor for the MPTC and its sponsored programs. Instructor trainers must attend this course prior to teaching for the MPTC and it's sponsored programs.

Register for Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor Certification 

40 hour course for officers who want to teach the NHTSA Radar and Lidar Course for the MPTC and authorized academies.

Register for Speed Measurement Instructor Certification 

This 40 hour training program prepares officers to effectively administer and instruct the NHTSA SFST training programs.