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Fishermen and dealers can review quota and landings information for species monitored by the Division of Marine Fisheries.
You can learn about the regulations that govern commercial lobster & crab fishing in the information below. Regulations table was updated on September 20, 2017.
You can learn about the regulations that govern commercial shellfish & sea urchin fishing in the information below. Regulations tables were updated on April 5, 2021.
Commercial fishermen can use the table below to view up-to-date information on their monthly trip-level report status.
Learn how these reports work and why they're important.
Learn about the SAFIS eTRIPS applications and electronic reporting options for state-reporting harvesters.
Having difficulty entering your trip-level reports electronically? Our SAFIS instructions can help you enter your information accurately and efficiently.
You can use the tables below to lookup current seafood and bait dealer permits by name or permit number.
You need a commercial fishing permit if you land and sell finfish, shellfish, lobsters, edible crabs, or other living marine resources in Massachusetts. Read on to learn about the permit types and the endorsements available.
You need a special permit for some activities, including scientific collection and shellfish aquaculture.
Growing areas with consistent levels of contamination are not classified as Approved. Thus, shellfish from these areas can not be sold straight to market.
One of the largest efforts of the shellfish program is aquaculture management. If you are interested in learning about aquaculture or getting a permit, read on.
This program helps us understand how much seafood commercial fishermen landed in Massachusetts last year. 
You can view past landings and quota information for quota-managed species here.
Information regarding commercial and recreational buoy line trap gear modifications.