Community Outreach & Education

Berkshire District Attorney's Office: Developing crime prevention and outreach programs for citizens as well as ongoing training for professional public safety community.

The Community Outreach and Education Department of the Berkshire D.A.'s Office develops crime prevention and outreach programs and provides on-going education and training to law enforcement, first responders, social service agencies, medical and mental health professionals, educators, youth service providers, business and community groups, and the staff of the District Attorney's Office. This Department works in partnership with schools, offering educational and enrichment programs which address the pressing social, legal, safety, and health issues facing schools, students and families. Community collaboration is a key element of the outreach and educational initiatives throughout the county. The Department also offers planning and consulting, and provides presenters, trainers, facilitators, and guest speakers on a variety of legal, public safety, and crime prevention topics. Use the links below to find more information about specific opportunities provided by this department.


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