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Conveyance of state-owned property to the Grafton State Police Museum and Learning Center.
Historic military armory to be rehabilitated for veterans housing and services.
Sale of state-owned land in Waltham to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.
These 44 acres, formerly part of the Worcester State Hospital, will be transformed into a new bio-manufacturing campus dedicated to the commercialization of bio-tech research and development.
The proposed project is for the long term lease of a portion of the land comprising the Lemuel L. Shattuck Hospital campus, located at 170 Morton Street in the city of Boston.
This property, the former Western Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center, was developed into limited equity cooperative housing for homeless veterans.
This $200 million project will create 41 townhouse-style homes for sale.
This project involved the lease of approximately 7 acres in Brighton, MA.
Sale of the former Salem Superior Courthouse to the Salem Redevelopment Authority.