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Apply for a dental hygienist license 

Looking to apply for your dental hygienist license? Apply here. Please note this page doesn't apply to current dental students seeking licensure as dental hygienists.

Renew your dental hygienist license and permits 

You can renew your dental hygiene license and permits online at the same time.

Check a license 

You can check the status of a health profession license, permit, certification, or Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration (MCSR) online.

Apply for a dental hygienist license as a dental student 

Looking to become licensed as a dental hygienist while enrolled in dental school? Apply here. This application doesn't apply to graduates of CODA-accredited dental hygiene schools.

Apply for a local anesthesia permit as a dental hygienist 

Are you a dental hygienist seeking to obtain your local anesthesia permit? Apply here. This application doesn't apply to dentists, limited licensees or dental assistants.

Apply for a mobile dental permit as a dental hygienist 

Are you a dental hygienist or public health dental hygienist? Apply here for a Mobile Dental Facility (MDF) or Portable Dental Operation (PDO) permit. This page does not apply to dentists or limited licensees.

Request a copy of the Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam 

Learn about and request this mandatory, open-book examination for dentists, dental hygienists, limited license dental interns, and limited license dental faculty members.

Request an address change, name change, or duplicate license 

If you are a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant, and need to change your address or your name on your license, you can request those changes here. You can also request a duplicate license.

Request a Certified Statement of Licensure from a Health Profession Board of Registration 

You may need a certified statement of licensure from one of the health profession Boards of Registration to obtain licensure in another state.

Obtain a Certificate by Regulatory Board - PHDH Only 

You'll need a certificate to register a profession practice with the Secretary of State's office.