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Directive COVID-19 Pandemic: Detainee Intake

Date: 05/29/2020
Organization: Trial Court Security Department
Referenced Sources: Trial Court Security Department

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COVID-19 Pandemic; Detainee Intake

  1. Detainees held in court custody shall wear a surgical style mask. Detainees brought to the courthouse without a mask will immediately be provided a disposable mask upon arrival and will be instructed to wear it. The intake officer may exercise discretion relative to this requirement in the event the detainee is non-compliant. Physical force to enforce this requirement shall not be exercised.
  2. With the intake court officer utilizing universal precautions and a handheld infrared thermometer (or other provided IR technology) he or she will take the detainee’s body temperature prior to accepting custody of the detainee.
  3. If the detainee presents with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher the Trial Court shall not take immediate custody of the detainee. In those instances where an elevated body temperature (EBT) reading is the sole reason for denial, retesting should be conducted after at least 10 minutes to confirm the EBT findings. If transfer of custody is denied, an assistant chief or chief court officer shall be informed and the delivering police department or custodial agency will be requested to obtain medical clearance before the detainee can be accepted into Trial Court custody. The Presiding Judge and Clerk’s office shall be informed of this situation.
  4. Officers operating infrared thermometers or other issued IR technology shall familiarize themselves with operation of the equipment by reviewing related training materials when posted to the Learning Management System (LMS) or otherwise provided.
  5. This directive shall be effective upon receipt until further notice and may be distributed to police departments, sheriff departments, the Department of Correction and other agencies who may transport detainees to the court.
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