EqualPayMA: Closing the Wage Gap in Massachusetts

An initiative of the Office of Economic Empowerment to close the wage gap in Massachusetts.

Facilitated by the Office of Economic Empowerment, the Wage Equality Advisory Committee was created to develop innovative best practices and strategies to address the Commonwealth’s gender wage gap. The result? EqualPayMA.com.

The gender wage gap is a serious economic issue that affects men, women, and families in our state. It exists because women on average are paid less than men for doing the same job. The data shows that women in Massachusetts earn just 82 cents on the dollar. This ratio is even worse for Native women, who earn 63 cents, Black/African-American women who earn 61 cents, Asian women who earn 80 cents, and Latina women who earn 50 cents.

EqualPayMA.com seeks to empower employers and employees with knowledge on pay equity and fair compensation in the workplace.

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