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The Division of Marine Fisheries' (DMF) Resource Assessment Project collects critical data used to inform management decisions for important marine species in Massachusetts.
Twice a year, the Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) conducts trawl surveys in state waters. You can get all of your trawl survey updates here.
The Invertebrate Fisheries Project conducts monitoring and applied research on several species of commercially important marine invertebrate species, including American lobster, Jonah crab, Horseshoe crab, Northern shrimp, and Whelk.
DMF has participated in numerous programs to protect endangered marine mammals and sea turtles. The following projects are a portion of what we do to protect these species.
American lobsters are important to the economy and culture of Massachusetts. Marine Fisheries biologists perform a variety of research and monitoring tasks to learn more about this crustacean and to ensure its sustainable catch for years to come.
Annual volunteer-based spawning beach surveys take place at beaches along the South Coast, Cape Cod, and the islands.
Find out about our scientific diving project and how it assists our understanding of life underwater.
Find out about the Conservation Engineering Project and how we improve fishing equipment. See links to reports on fishing gear research.