Submit your Collective Bargaining Agreement to DLS

Send your CBA to the Department of Labor Standards

Please submit your most recent CBA to include the following information:

  • Cover page with names of parties and terms of the agreement
  • Signature page, signed and dated
  • Journey Worker hourly wage rates-including any periodic increases
  • Apprentice hourly wage rates:
  1. Hourly rates at each step
  2. Percentage of each step  
  3. Duration of each step   
  • Hourly Contributions for Journey workers and Apprentices:
  1. Health and Welfare
  2. Local Pension 
  3. National Pension    
  4. Annuity   
  5.  Supplemental Unemployment
  • Territorial Jurisdiction
  • Trade Jurisdiction

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact DLS at (617) 626-6953.

*Please note CBAs have different time sensitive requirements including renewal dates therefore we rely on each organization to adhere to this 30-day timeframe. if you do not provide this information timely, we cannot be held responsible for the disbursement of information in a timely manner.

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