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In light of the ongoing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus, the MCAD has initiated temporary emergency changes to its processes and procedures as outlined below. Please check back here for updates and developments relative to the MCAD.

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Suspension of In-Person Services

MCAD Offices are closed to the public until further notice.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) has closed its offices to the public for the safety of our staff and our communities. The MCAD continues to provide services to the public through alternative means outlined herein. Due to longer processing times for postal mail, the agency encourages attorneys and participants to communicate with the MCAD by e-mail and phone.

How to File a Complaint During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For individuals who do not have an attorney

If you do not have an attorney and want to file a complaint during the COVID-19

If you are an attorney or Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) filing a Complaint on behalf of an individual

Key Actions for How to File a Complaint During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Temporary Emergency Processes and Procedures

Electronic Service

Beginning the week of April 6, 2020, the Commission will begin electronic service, where practicable, of certain notifications, including but not limited to: Serving Complaints of Discrimination, and Issuing Dismissals, Orders, Investigative Findings (Determinations), Hearing Decisions, Full Commission Decisions, and scheduling letters.


MCAD Proceedings Being Held by Telephone

Many of the agency’s proceedings may proceed via telephone, such as investigative conferences, mediations, conciliations, preliminary hearings (LOPC Appeals), status conferences and pre-hearing conferences. We will continue to conduct these proceedings, as practicable, by telephone.


MCAD Proceedings Being Held by Videoconference

The MCAD may hold Investigative Conferences, Preliminary Hearings (appeals), pre-hearing and certification conferences, and ADR sessions (mediations and conciliations) via Zoom videoconference software. Parties may request to participate by telephone if they do not have videoconference capabilities.

View the MCAD Guidance on participating in a Virtual Proceedings at the MCAD 


How to Submit a Request for Tolling and Extensions

The MCAD Commissioners are keenly aware that not everyone may have the ability to file a Complaint during this crisis, and employers and businesses may not be fully functioning and may need additional time to respond to complaints.

Please note that extending a filing deadline (tolling) and granting a motion requesting an extension will be determined on a case-by-case basis through each individual Investigating Commissioner.

To submit a motion, please email a PDF of your motion to the investigator or staff member assigned to your case. If you do not know the person assigned to your investigation, please email

Resources for Businesses and Employers

Replying to a Complaint

If you have been served with an MCAD Complaint, you must reply to the allegations in the form of a written "Position Statement" that must be filed with the MCAD via email and served on the Complainant via email.

How to File an Electronic Position Statement

In the Subject Line of your email, you must include your docket numberparty names, and the first and last name of the MCAD Investigator assigned to your case. 

Boston cases:

Springfield cases:

Worcester cases:

New Bedford cases:

The Position Statement email addresses only accept position statements and position statement attachments. Please do not send any other documents or requests to this email address as those communications will not be reviewed or responded to. 

If you need to send other documents or have an inquiry relative to your case, please contact the MCAD investigator assigned to your case directly.


Register for Anti-Discrimination Training

For more information about anti-discrimination training for managers and staff, contact the MCAD training unit at Assistant,

General Contact Information

If you want to speak with an MCAD representative, please call one of our offices listed below. Your call will be returned by one of our staff members between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm.

Boston Office - (617) 994-6000

New Bedford office - Closed as of 10/31/2020. Please call the Boston office: 617-994-6000

Worcester office - (508) 453-9630

Springfield office - (413) 739-2145

Language Access Line - (617) 994-6071

TTY - (617) 994-6196


Division Contact Information

Acting Chief of Investigations
Ken Callahan, II

General Counsel
Deirdre Hosler

Clerk of the Commission
Myrna Solod 

Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Michael Zeytoonian

Acting Director of Training
Alison Caton

Executive Assistant to the Commissioners
H Harrison

Public Records Requests
Theresa Lepore 

Human Resources & ADA Coordinator
Mike Memmolo

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