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Performance Recognition Program (PRP) 2021 Award Recipients

The annual Performance Recognition Program is an opportunity to formally recognize state employees for their extraordinary contributions to public service.

Congratulations to all our 2021 award recipients.

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37th Annual Performance Recognition Program. View our event photos.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the Human Resources Division hosted the 37th Annual Performance Recognition Program Awards Ceremony at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). Governor Baker, Lieutenant Governor Polito, and our Cabinet members were in attendance as we honored the 2021 recipients of the prestigious Carballo, Cellucci, Equity, and Rooney awards. 

Click here to watch the live stream.

Manuel Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service

About the Award

The Manuel Carballo Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Service, named in honor of the late Secretary of Human Services, is given annually to employees or groups of employees who exemplify the highest standards of public service.

2021 Award Recipients:

  • 7D Transportation Mission Team, Operation Children First, Cross Secretariat Group: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education • Executive Office of Administration and Finance • Executive Office of Education • Executive Office of Public Safety and Security • Governor’s Office Massachusetts Department of Transportation • Military Division
    Lisa Ahaesy
    William Bell
    Jenna Borkoski
    Shawn Cody
    Matthew Connolly
    Leldammy Correa
    Nancy Cox
    Jamison Gagnon
    Rob Garrity
    Olivia Graham
    Mary Jo Griffin
    Catharine Hornby
    Emi Joy
    Mary Joyce
    Mark Kalin
    Michael Kaneb
    Michael Kelleher
    Robert LePage
    Shannon Mclaughlin
    Keith Moran
    Jason Oberton
    Russell O'Neill
    Billy Pitman
    Deborah Steenland
    Anne Marie Stronach
    Julie Swerdlow Albino
    Susan Terrey

  • Future of Work Initiative, Cross Secretariat Group: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance • Executive Office of Administration and Finance • Executive Office of Health and Human Services • Executive Office of Technology Services and Security • Governor’s Office • Human Resources Division • Massachusetts Department of Transportation • Operational Services Division 
    Karen Badalaty
    Kenneth Bailey
    Joel Boone
    Alinda Bostick
    Elayne Campos
    Dan Cordeau
    Rachel Daul
    Marianne Dill
    Dominic Diluzio
    Brian Domoretsky
    Sarah Felton
    John Ferrara
    Kevin Flanigan
    Paul Ford
    Emmanuel Ghansah
    Carol Gladstone
    Olivia Graham
    Matt Hale
    Barry Heidke
    William Holt
    Paul Jayne
    Mounir Jermany
    John Johansson
    Jack Keleher
    Michael Kelleher
    Kevin Kennedy
    Betsy Klein
    Gary Lambert
    John Langan
    Michael Malia
    Colleen Maloney
    Joan Matsumoto
    Christine McCarthy
    Jeff McCue
    Mila Mendoza
    Liz Minnis
    Jay Mitchell
    Lorna Moritz
    Brendan Moss
    Jonathan Murphy
    Zeina Naffah-Khouri
    Patrick Olsen
    Alda Rego
    Marissa Ribeiro
    Rob Ricchi
    Jean-Louis Rochet
    Gail Rosenberg
    Meredith Sandberg
    Anne Selinger
    Jonathan Senecal
    Dan Shark
    Tracy Varano
    Abi Vogt
    Jane Wang
    Robin Whitman
    Amy Winter

  • Road to Re-employment Team, Cross Secretariat Group: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance • Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development • Governor’s Office
    Leslie Abramowitz
    Dawn Beati
    Jenna Borkoski
    Alinda Bostick
    Joan Boucher
    Marilyn Boyle
    Anthony Brewer
    Matthew Burke
    Michele Campbell
    Luz Cepeda
    Bon Chibueze
    Marisa de la Paz
    Migdalia Diaz
    Katie Dishnica
    Anthony Fantasia
    Yvonne Fernandez
    Elizabeth Goguen
    Travis Hinton
    William Holt
    Jennifer James
    Richard Jeffers
    Beth Klein
    Elizabeth LaMontagne
    Jim Latini
    Kim Leonard
    Colleen Maloney
    Debra Martone
    Christopher Mills
    Eric Nelson
    Sveta Saillant
    Wendy Savary
    Pamela Schmitt
    Jason Smith
    Sacha Stadhard
    Alice Sweeney
    Matthew Termini
    Ashley Terrill

  • Vaccine Preregistration Team, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security
    Aditya Basheer
    Aniruddha Bharadwaj
    Adam Cogbill
    William Cole
    Marino Fernandes
    Teplyn Fournier
    Bryan Hirsch
    Dan Houle
    Christine Invencion
    Kris Johnson
    Mimi Kantor
    Denver Lybarger
    Matt Moran
    Erica Seery

  • Laura Brelsford, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

  • Judi Lydon-Ruby, Department of Developmental Services

  • Susan McCarthy, Department of Fish and Game

  • Robert McKeon, Department of Children and Families

  • Barbara Olearczyk, Department of Mental Health

  • Deborah Steenland, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Jim Zoino, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Governor Paul Cellucci Award for Leadership & Mentoring in State Government

About the Award

The Governor Paul Cellucci Award for Leadership and Mentoring in State Government was established with the purpose of honoring an outstanding leader in the area of mentoring in the workplace.

Recipients of this award play a vital role in preparing the Commonwealth's workforce of tomorrow by serving as a teacher, role model, and confidante to either a subordinate or peer in the workplace. The candidate for the Governor Paul Cellucci Award for Leadership and Mentoring in State Government has made an ongoing commitment to the professional development of their fellow employee, sharing their expertise and transferring their knowledge in a capacity that goes far beyond the standard expectations of the job.

2021 Award Recipients:

  • James Hogan, Department of Public Health
  • Bruno Lopes, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • Belkis Roman, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award

About the Award

The Eugene H. Rooney, Jr., Public Service Award highlights human resources development as a planned, continuous effort to provide personal and professional growth opportunities that will enhance employee competency levels. Such activities serve to improve an individual's performance on a currently held job and/or provide new skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow an individual to assume a new role in the organization.

2021 Award Recipients:

  • Employee Assistance Services Unit, Department of Correction
    Christopher Cali
    Jeffrey Cammuso
    Daniel Church
    Marley Dixon
    Linda Harriman
    Thomas Higginbotham
    Michael Jones
    Michela Matthews
    Robert Sweeney
    Matthew Talieri
    Nissa Thornton
    Denise Vega

  • Office of Human Resources Team, Framingham Public Schools
    Janine Ablondi
    Ashley Bletzer
    Monta Connolly
    Tiago Gadens
    Dylan Hogan
    Inna London
    Brenda Maurao
    Stephanie Ristuccia

Commonwealth Equity in Governance Award

About the Award

Equity in Government consists of: the fair, just and equitable (a) management of public agencies, (b) development and implementation of public policy; and/or, (c) delivery of and access to state services.

The Commonwealth Equity in Governance Award is given annually to an employee or group of employees who have demonstrated commitment to and attainment of the principles of equity in one or more areas of government operations: human resources activity that promotes diversity and inclusion, procurement activity that promotes the participation of minority business enterprises and women business enterprises, policy development and/or implementation (including the development and implementation of regulations, program policies, and/or rules), and/or improving access and/or accessibility (physical or programmatic) to state programs or the delivery of state services.

2021 Award Recipients:

  • Debra Jean, Department of Housing and Community Development

  • MTEL-Alternative Pilot Policy Team, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Brian Devine
    Elizabeth Losee
    Claire Smithney
    Aubree Webb

Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance

About the Award

The Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance is awarded to individuals or groups of employees to recognize their extraordinary contributions to their agency.

2021 Award Recipients:


Department of Revenue 

  • Child Support Customer Service - Spanish Self-Service Phoneline  
  • Child Support Enforcement Virtual Counter 
  • Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Case Conferencing 
  • Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Service of Process 
  • Division of Local Services Municipal Finance Training and Resource Center 
  • DOR Collections Bureau Bankruptcy Unit 
  • DOR Litigation Bureau Administrative Support Group 
  • DOR LMS Project 
  • Multistate Bureau Audit New Hire Training Team 
  • Jessica Cabral 
  • Jean Connolly 
  • Gina Currey 
  • Laura Hahn 
  • Jared Lieberman 
  • Donna Morris 
  • Patcharee Rotasayne 

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance 

  • DCAMM Contractor Certification 
  • DCAMM eBuilder MMARS Integration Team 
  • DCAMM HR Unit 
  • Mass Vaccination Site Inspection Volunteers 
  • Jason Kruckas  
  • Ganesh Ramachandran 
  • Taunton Men's Recovery from Addiction Program 

Executive Office for Administration and Finance 

  • ANF-IT Data Center @ DOR Data Center 
  • Christine McCarthy 

Group Insurance Commission 

  • GIC Audit Team 
  • GIC Future of Work Implementation Team 
  • GIC Life Insurance Team  

Operational Services Division 

  • Danielle Frizzi 
  • Sorraia Tavares 
  • Commonwealth Print Services 

Supplier Diversity Office 

  • Nani Assefa 
  • Bonnie Borch-Rote 
  • Joyce Kwong 

Human Resources Division 

  • Business Enterprise Application Unit (BEAU) 
  • Darcy Smith 
  • Jean-Louis Rochet  
  • MassPerform Implementation Team 
  • Sharon Lee 



Department of Elementary & Secondary Education 

  • Iraida Alvarez  
  • DESE Business Office/Accounts Payable 
  • Grants Management and Federal Grants Teams  
  • Maria Frederick  
  • Problem Resolution System (PRS) Office  
  • Allison Ward Smith 
  • Courtney Sullivan 
  • Stefany Tomlinson  

Executive Office Education 

  • Carole Corthell 
  • Jennifer Louis  
  • Telework Acknowledgement Form Automation Team 

Department of Early Education and Care 

  • EEC Investigations Unit  
  • Family and Community Support Unit  
  • Tom Myers 
  • Carol Nolan  
  • Miguel Ortega  
  • Diana Phillips  

Department of Higher Education 

  • Alexander Nally  
  • Monaliza Pena  
  • Elena Quiroz-Livanis  


Department of Agricultural Resources 

  • Taylor Arsenault 
  • Keri Cornman 
  • Frances Pearson 
  • Cullen Roberts 

Department of Conservation & Recreation  

  • Allison Bishop 
  • Asset Management Modernization Project Team  
  • Helene Campbell 
  • William Hickey 
  • Conor Laffey 
  • Joy Trahan-Liptak 
  • State Park Operations Regional Directors  
  • Matt Villamaino  

Department of Environmental Protection  

  • Kathleen Delaplain 
  • Drinking Water Program Sanitary Survey Inspectors  
  • Stephen Mahoney 
  • MassDEP Vehicle Inspection Station Outage Response Team  
  • Srivani Panakanti  
  • Judith Schmitz 
  • Martha Senn 
  • WERO Bondi's Island Landfill Fire Response Team  

Department of Energy Resources  

  • Catie Snyder 
  • Joanna Troy 

Department of Fish and Game  

  • Kerry Allard 
  • Erik Amati 
  • DFG Food Security Infrastructure Grant Volunteers  
  • Kristen Ferry 
  • Resource Assessment Team 
  • Terrance Smith 

Department of Public Utilities  

  • Sarah Cullinan 
  • Cheryl Gard 
  • Terrence Townsend  
  • Laurie Weisman 

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 

  • Janice Finnigan 
  • Wallace Gathoni 
  • IT Applications Development Group  
  • Kirsten Morgan 


Executive Office of Health and Human Services 

  • Lauri Bourikas 
  • Kathleen Doyle 
  • Facilities and Mailroom Team 
  • Ravi Lagadapati 
  • Mobile Device Unit  
  • Erica Mulinare 

Department of Public Health  

  • BORIM Call Center 
  • Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences COVID  
  • Contracts and Bill Paying Group 
  • COVID-19 Survey (CCIS) Community Impact Team Deb Dinkins 
  • Beth English 
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health School Health Unit  
  • Medication Administration Program 
  • Nina Miranda 
  • Mobile COVID-19 Vax Team 
  • Pooja Phaltankar 
  • Erica Piedade 
  • Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (RVRS) Issuance Team 
  • Lynn Squillace 
  • Rebecca White 
  • Vaccine Equity Initiative Team   


  • Children Behavioral Health Initiative Team  
  • EHS Hutchinson Team 
  • James M. Farrell 
  • Mindy Cohen Machera 
  • Monica Sawhney 
  • MassHealth Vaccine Incentive Program   
  • MassHealth One Device Rollout 
  • Project Citizenship Team  

Department of Developmental Services 

  • 9 Marblehead Street Staff  
  • ABI/MFP Leadership Team 
  • Jennifer Bradley 
  • McGustus Carter 
  • Song Chen 
  • CRS Health Coordinators  
  • Rebecca Christie 
  • Deb Dunham 
  • Jennifer Jensen 
  • James Kinuthia 
  • Marci Lundin 
  • Augustine Manu-Bimpeh  
  • Nancy McMorrow 
  • Genie Nortelus 
  • Lorraine Murphy 
  • Cindy O'Donnell 
  • Tami Patnode 
  • Plymouth Area Office Support Team  
  • Rebecca Pierre 
  • River Street House  
  • Eileen Schwalm  
  • Carolyn Timbie  

Commission for the Blind  

  • Nahara Caraballo 
  • MCB Northeast Region 
  • Kathleen Mele 
  • Susan O’Neil 

Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

  • Anthony Harrison 
  • Anna Purcell 

Department of Transitional Assistance 

  • Marcelo Carboni  
  • Elsa Chu 
  • Elizabeth De Leon 
  • DTA Administrative Operations Unit  
  • DTA  Employment and Training Rebranding Team  
  • DTA Front End Staff  
  • Christina Harkness  
  • IVR Project Team 
  • Rosie Jackson 
  • Joint DTA/EHS IT Project Management Office at the Department of Transitional Assistance  
  • Christel Lantin 
  • Charita Neal 
  • Kristina Rohena 
  • DTA Redeployment Group  

Department of Youth Services 

  • Bartholomew Arhin 
  • Nigel Edwards  
  • Karine Martirosyan  
  • Michael Owusu  
  • Mario Pires  
  • Maria Rodriguez 

Department of Mental Health 

  • Marie Amado 
  • The Brockton Multi Service Center PACT Team  
  • Jeffrey Chasse 
  • COVID Infection Control Group 
  • Michael Curtis 
  • Fenwood Inn Staff  
  • Bruce Grunwald 
  • Percy Lewis 
  • Walter Mehl 
  • Massachusetts Mental Health Center Nursing Team 
  • Metro Boston CYF - SIS Team  
  • Kate Shapiro 
  • Susan Solimini 
  • Roberta Spofford 
  • MMHC Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF)  

Department of Children & Families 

  • David Bennett 
  • DCF Administrative/Clerical Teams of the Western, Central, Northern, Southern and Boston Regions 
  • DCF Central Region's RESPeCT: Racial Equity Strategic Planning & Collaborative Team  
  • DCF Services Network Department and Congregate Care Network Proposal Review Teams  
  • Ashley Granger 
  • Gloria McDevitt 
  • Michaela Powers  
  • Jeannie Serrano 
  • Somia Tadjer 

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission 

  • Rebecca Giroux  
  • Gabriela Lawrence-Soto  
  • Lucinda Matos 
  • Megan McNally   
  • South District Administrative Team    
  • Lindsey Williams 
  • Marit Young  

Department of Elder Affairs 

  • Andrew Ferguson 


Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development 

  • Community One Stop for Growth Team 
  • Ellen Cebula 
  • EOHED IT Team 
  • Partnerships for Recovery Team  

Division of Professional Licensure 

  • Richard Lawless 
  • Adelle Reynolds 

Division of Insurance 

  • Jackie Horigan 
  • Stephanie Pinion 

Division of Banks 

  • Valerie Carbone  
  • Jared Gordon  
  • Gregory Short  

Department of Housing & Community Development 

  • Karen Bresnahan  
  • DHCD Future of Work Legal Support Team  
  • Eviction Diversion Initiative Team 
  • Debra Jean 
  • Rapid Recovery Plan Program  


MassHire Department of Career Services  

  • Kim Leonard 
  • Department of Industrial Accidents 
  • Kathy Manson  

Department of Labor Relations 


  • Meghan Ventrella 
  • Department of Labor Standards 
  • Adam Kinney  

Department of Unemployment Assistance 

  • James Dufresne 
  • Yvonne Fernandez 
  • Joshua Nussey 
  • Jeannie Pena 


Department of Correction  

  • Melissa Alcorn 
  • Paula Daggett 
  • Michael Larkin 
  • Recovery Pathfinders 
  • Gary Temple 
  • Rui Vasconcelos 

Municipal Police Training Committee 

  • Mary Bragg 
  • Nicole Hamwey 

Department of Fire Services 

  • DFS Virtual Classroom  
  • Jennifer Hoyt 

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency 

  • Tom Lyons 
  • Brian Rushlow 
  • Fay Stewart 
  • Tina Urato 

Chief Medical Examiner 

  • Cayce Lombardi 
  • Leslie Ward 


Executive Office of Technology Services and Security  

  • Susan Amaru  
  • Melissa Caruso-DeFusco  
  • Madhavi Donepudi 
  • EOTSS Accounts Management  
  • EOTSS - O365 Implementation and Services Group  
  • Sean  Hughes  
  • Mass.gov COVID-19 Rapid Response Team  
  • EOTSS Procurement Unit  
  • Tracy Varano  


Massachusetts Department of Transportation 

  • Joel Greene 
  • HQ Construction Section 
  • MassDOT Exit Renumbering Team  
  • MassDOT Future of Work Team  
  • MassDOT IT Inspection Program Response Team  
  • Patrick O'Brien 
  • RMV Service Channel Leadership Team  
  • Ronald Smith 
  • Nicole Spriggs 
  • Vehicle Safety and Compliance Services 


  • Alexander Bacon 
  • Adam Booth   
  • Maria Cadena  
  • Eileen Connolly 
  • Customer Experience Group  
  • Sean Dooley 
  • Tomas Gonzales 
  • Green Line Transformation Group  
  • Timothy Horan 
  • Mustapha J Jahour 
  • Maureen McDonough 
  • Derek Morin 
  • Kimberly Powell 
  • Jennifer Ross 
  • Anthony Talacci 
  • Nealay Vasavda 


Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission 

  • ABCC Commissioners  
  • Sean Walsh 

Betsy Lehman Center 

  • Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety—Home Health Care Workforce Initiative  

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 

  • Paul Kissman 
  • Uechi Ng 

Center for Health Information and Analysis 

  • Enhanced All Payer Claims Database Project Team  
  • Hospital Financial Reporting Team 
  • Human Resources and Office Operations  
  • Research Team  

Commission Against Discrimination 

  • Jillian Fisher 
  • Abigail Soto-Alvira  

Department of the State Treasurer 

  • Debt Management Group  
  • Samantha Perry 
  • Pamela Tobey 
  • Swee Lin Wong 

Disabled Persons Protection Commission 

  • Mariah Freark 
  • Kerry Joyce  
  • Michelle McCue  
  • Patricia Quatieri  

Mass Clean Water Trust 

  • Jonathan Maple 
  • MCWT Finance and Accounting Team  

Mass State Retirement Board 

  • MSRB Business Support Team  
  • MSRB Communications and Outreach Team  
  • MSRB Finance Team  
  • MSRB Information Systems and Technology Team  

Mass School Building Authority 

  • Designer Selection Team  
  • Kristine McAndrews  
  • Jeremy Moore 
  • Noelle Neumyer  

Office of the Inspector General 

  • Casa Nueva Vida Investigation Team  
  • Hinton Lab Team  
  • Jennifer Rabbitt  

Pension Reserve Investment Management 

  • Deborah Coulter 
  • Matthew Liposky    

Mass State Lottery 

  • Braintree Field Service Technicians  
  • The Big E MSLC Team  
  • Susie Chin 
  • VaxMillions Group  


Bristol Community College  

  • Information Technology Services   
  • Online Learning Department at Bristol Community College  
  • Kevin Spirlet 

Fitchburg State University 

  • Henry Parkinson III  
  • User Services  

Middlesex Community College 

  • Syeda Ferdous Ara Begum 
  • Patrick Cook 
  • Jeanne Cronin 
  • Janine Daunais 
  • Lisa Doucett  
  • Kathy DiRienzo  
  • Daniel Martin 
  • MCC Nursing Faculty  

North Shore Community College 

  • Olivia Countie 
  • Andrew Dore 
  • Lynn Y Childcare  
  • Sergeant Mark Randall 
  • Cassandra Reed 

Quinsigamond Community College 

  • Debra LaFlash 
  • Kara McDonald 
  • Michelle Nolan 
  • Patrick Printz 

Salem State University 

  • Sarah Ascolese  
  • Center for Academic Excellence  
  • Mathew Chetnik 
  • Kalei Ensminger  
  • Ezekiel Holt 
  • Institutional Advancement Team  
  • Graham Morris 
  • Salem State Networking & Infrastructure Services  

University of Massachusetts, Boston 

  • Betsabe (Betsy) Gomez 
  • Cheryl Bryant 
  • Derrick Marshall 
  • UMass Boston University Health Services 

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 

  • The Access Services Division of the Claire T. Carney Library  
  • Julie Cahill 
  • Karen Pimentel  
  • Sarah Przystarz  
  • Tripp Center Grounds Crew 
  •  UMass Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell Inter-campus Slate Implementation Team 
  • University Massachusetts Dartmouth Counseling Center  
  • Kelli Vasconcelos 

University of Massachusetts, Lowell 

  • Mai Nguyen 
  • River Hawk Scholars Academy  
  • UMass Lowell Web Services   

University of Massachusetts Office of the President 

  • Control M Upgrade & Disaster Recovery  
  • Deirdre Delaney 
  • Julie Kenny  
  • Bonnie Mathias  
  • Kathryn Robinson  
  • Return to On-site Welcome Back Team - Shrewsbury and Boston  
  • UITS DEIA Collaborative Group  
  • UMass Value Added Reseller (VAR) Working Committee 

Worcester State University

  • Thomas Conroy 
  • Sara Grady 
  • Ronald Kramek  
  • Michael McKenna  
  • Cuong Nguyen  
  • Karen Woods Weierman